BlueVision Softech At A Glance

Brilliant solutions through consistent and relaxed work is the motto.


Welcome to BlueVision Softech - your experienced IT service provider BlueVision Softech is an IT company from India and was founded in 2018. As a professional IT service provider, we offer individual software solutions for every need. Thanks to our many years of project experience in the IT area, we create individual architectures and concepts for your task. Our "Best Practice" solutions will also inspire you.

Actively shape the future of your company with the best software developers. Through the use of the most modern development tools and concepts, our IT company develops cost-effective and high-quality customized software for you, which integrates seamlessly into your existing application areas and fits you perfectly.

As an IT service provider, we develop individual software for you that is 100% tailored to your business goals and gives you an advantage in daily competition. Our all-round service for your company includes analysis, specification, design & architecture, technology selection, project management, software development, quality management, software testing, roll-out, care and maintenance.

BlueVision Softech is a custom software engineering company providing a full cycle of software development services including requirements analysis, UI / UX, quality assurance, project management and 3rd level of support and maintenance.

Over the last 2 years we have earned a rock-solid reputation on the market. We help businesses like yours to target their business goals, solve team skills shortage and embrace innovation. Our customers rely on us completely in terms of software technology, so they can concentrate on core business activities. BlueVision provides innovative technology consulting and delivers transformative solutions for public corporations. With the focus on predictive modeling, we fundamentally change the way business is delivered, providing solutions for a value-based customer-first approach.

BlueVision Facts And History

BlueVision Softech company was founded in 2018. The company was designed and geared to offer complex technical tasks in a manageable time frame and with the highest possible quality.

BlueVision Softech employees are professionals with university degrees and extensive professional experience, and they are able to master complex challenges in high quality and within the specified time frame.

2018: The company was founded to support and develop an IT project for individual and organizations. Start with a single team member and in the same 2018 company size was 4 members of the team. Got a domestic project with a success ratio of 78%.

2019: Now it was 7 members of the team. Started to work with international clients with success ratio is 95%. The same year we developed 2 own product which is appreciating by the clients who is using this app. This is Business growing app and it can interact directly with clients.

2020: Modifying existing products and increasing our portfolio list and testimonials.

BlueVision Softech designs, develops, tests and integrates the customer-specific software via several other systems and platforms, including the Internet, cloud and various systems, to ensure that the system works smoothly and works optimally for our customers.